Private Party Only

I was finally getting married. Although it seemed like I’d be the last person in the Freaky Five, which was the name my friends and I went by, it felt right to finally settle down with somebody. I’d finally gotten hitched to my Pauline, and I couldn’t be any happier. The guys also share my sentiments on that, and I love them even more for it. Of course, I love my girl the most… That goes without saying.

But, the guys said they weren’t going to let me go scot-free. I needed to leave the single life behind in a pretty big way.

Bars. Booze. Some pot. Strippers. All private stuff.

Normally, a bachelor party would happen a day before the wedding. But with the plans the guys had for me, they suggested it be three nights before my wedding day. I know right, how thoughtful of them.

I just had to explain that to my wonderful bride-to-be.

“It’s probably best this way,” I had said a day before my party. “Chris is known for getting the best weed, and Jack is all about the premium booze. We’d all get so wasted we wouldn’t be able to function the following day.” We had just finished eating lunch and were trading plans.

“And what about strippers?” Pauline had asked back.

Which was a sort of trick question. We’d already agreed way back that we were going to go wild for our bachelor/bachelorette parties. And that meant fucking other people.

“What’s off the table?” I fired back.

Pauline bit her lips in the absentminded way she does when she’s thinking. Drove me nuts. Made me want to plant a kiss on them.

“No murder. No strays. No crimes. Got it?”

“You got it. What about you?”

“Oh I’mma be having my own fun, don’t you worry baby. You just make sure you have yours. Just remember…” Pauline moved her chair closer to mine and laid a hand on my crotch. It didn’t take me long to start getting hard at her touch. She unzipped my fly and whipped out my cock, obediently doing its best to stand at attention. “You’re mine and mine alone.”

She started jerking me off, moving her hand in a circular motion. I close my eyes and moaned in pleasure when I felt my cock become warm and wet. Pauline sucked me hard, her hands jerking me off as well. I was close to blowing my load when she abruptly pulled out my dick from her mouth with a pop.

“I’ll save the ending for you for your big night,” she said as she walked away and left me in the room to finish up by myself.

Fast forward to the big night. The guys weren’t kidding when they said it’d be big. We hit up a bar and got all revved up before we hit the strip clubs. All those glistening bodies and lovely shaped tits-in-your-face got me so hard I thought I might burst through my jeans. I couldn’t take it anymore and asked the guys for something else.

Surely, I can’t be blue-balled twice, right?

They had a surprise, and it was apparently meant to be the best. But before I could get it, we had to go to a private suite. I liked the sound of that and let them lead the way. We got to the suite and the coffee table was loaded with drinks. Joey had already started with the pot, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was cool to have it there.

“Oh yeah, totally. You just sit back and let your homeboys take care of things,” Joey answered as he rolled a joint. The guys showed me to a love couch and had me sit down. Shots were already going around, and the buzz was getting better. Then from a door two hot as heck strippers trooped out. Music started playing and immediately they came towards me and sat on my laps. One of them removed her fish stockings and tied it around my neck like a scarf. The other used her own fish stocking to tie my hands. They smiled and told me their names were Jenna and Braxi.

I got hooked on Jenna’s tits when more strippers came out of the room and picked off the other guys. Braxi went to meet Joey and came back with a lit joint in-between her fingers. She took a deep drag and slowly blew it out to Jenna, who dragged that in and blew it to me. I took it all before Braxi put the joint in my mouth and I took a drag. Once we were done with the joint, the girls began dropping kisses all over my face. Jenna stood up for Braxi who began rocking my crotch with her nice ass. I was getting really hard, and Braxi took the honors of pulling out my erection from the confines of my pants. She wasn’t the one who took it in first though.

Jenna straddled me and started fucking me reverse cowgirl style. Braxi pulled up a stool and started fondling Jenna’s tits. They were kissing hard with Jenna bouncing hard on my dick. She slipped my dick out and climbed up the love couch to land her wet pussy on my face. My tongue immediately found her lips and began drawing the alphabet all over her clit and pussy.

I felt my dick get pushed into a nice hole and knew Braxi had taken Jenna’s spot. I licked and sucked Jenna’s pussy, my tongue diving in and out slick with her juices. Braxi twerked on my dick, and I swear the feeling made me feel like the nut I would bust would blast like a shotgun. I came hard, shooting my cum into Braxi.

“Someone’s having a good time,” she said as she grinded on my dick. She got off and started licking the sides of my dick.

Jenna got down from the couch and together with Braxi took turns in licking and sucking my dick and my balls. I’d just cum, but I felt my load building up with their awesome sucking skills. My slick dick felt so good in their hands and mouths I came harder than the first time. The girls gulped down all the cum, sucking my dick until every drop was out.

I let out a deep sigh, very content with the party my guys had thrown for me. Around me, the others were reaching their own orgasms and relishing it.

“If you want, we can make this more private in the bedroom,” Braxi said as she held my dick in her hands. “You’re still hard. We can go have more fun on a bed.” She winked at me, and Jenna kissed my dick.

I thought about the offer for half a second before agreeing with them. It wasn’t past midnight yet, and my bachelor party was still on.